We have developed a four-phased approach for resolving your visual needs.

  • Discovery Phase
  • Concept Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Delivery Phase

As with any project, the discovery and planning phase is where we’ll begin. During this phase we’ll ask the questions:

  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your message saying?
  • What competitive advantage do you offer?

After consulting with you, we are now ready to make sound recommendations that will help your business reach the goals that have been set.

This is where we get paid to color, sketch, doodle, and dream about creative ideas. Using your own words, we’ll step back and take a look at what we talked about during Phase I and begin to form your first round of visuals.

Now that the paint and ink has dried, we are ready to present final comps and start piecing together your vision.

We have crossed all (T’s) and dotted all of our (I’s). Your projects have been approved and signed-off on. Now it’s time to put fort our best efforts at:

  • Creating your final branding style guide
  • Press checking your marketing material
  • Testing and launch your site
  • Measuring your results

Now we’ve completed all tasks asked of us, but we don’t just disappear after that. We want to continue to be your soul source for all of your creative services needs. Because we have worked with you to build sound strategies to grow your business, we want to grow with you.